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Sunday June 16, 2024  

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MP Chair

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The Corporation MP Chair was established in late 2006 to raise awareness of the importance of training and business culture and business knowledge generated by Valentin de Madariaga and Oya during his fruitful career.

The Chair focuses on the study of economic and financial model of Management (Institutional Framework Engineering, IMI) developed by Valentin de Madariaga and Oya, through a collaboration agreement between the School of Engineering, University of Seville and the Foundation Valentin de Madariaga y Oya-MP.

This development is intended to university students in an entrepreneurial culture through continuous training from his youth.

The aim is to publish and transmit to new generations various aspects of the organization, the culture and values within a company. This framework is a substantial part of the MP Group´s corporate culture, and the differential element of the group in conjunction with other organizations. Basically is based on the constant pursuit of improved performance in the company, fulfilling a maxim:

That people enjoy working up the organization.